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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 6, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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i'm michelle griego. ster. mrs. linda marie macdonald is your realtime captioner. good afternoon, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. the bay area is finally getting a little drenched in this drought. >> downpours across the bay area as we get hit with our first round of rain and san jose slick streets made for a wet morning commute. >> the rain may have contributed to a nasty accident in san francisco. the driver of a porsche swerved, hit a true and had
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minor injuries. >> golfers ready to play but the showers delay the first round of the at&t at pebble beach. but despite the forecast, some people still didn't see it coming. >> i didn't expect it this morning so i didn't have rain gear ready. >> right now in san francisco it's misty and dreary, duck soup. could be a long ride home for commuters. lawrence karnow joins us with what to expect the rest of the day. >> the heaviest rainfall moved through. but it's raining outside. partial clearing but only slowly. some impressive rainfall totals. over an inch of rain in ben lomond. .6" in san jose, half inch in milpitas, .75" at sfo and san francisco. mount diablo .6." cazadero right nearby there almost 1.5" of rain there and there's still plenty more to
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come. looks like things are staying unsettled now as the pattern has changed. hi-def doppler showing you things quieting down now. but there is a bigger storm off the coast line and you can see this one right there latching on to subtropical moisture. we could see incredible amounts of rainfall this weekend. we'll tell you where coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. >> thank you. rain is to blame for this nasty big rig crash in richmond that snarled the morning commute. it jumped a center divide on highway 80 causing several cars to crash. traffic was backed up in both directions during the long clean-up. even more trouble in san francisco. police suspect alcohol mixed with wet roads led to a crash just feet away from the cliff house. the driver hit a parked car, a pole, concrete barrier, before winding up on the sidewalk. there are numerous flight delays out of sfo due to the wet weather. more than 30 flights up and down the west coast were canceled this morning when the rain was at its peak. and this is a live look at the airport right now.
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you can see it is foggy and a little wet. remember, you can track the next storm yourself from our hi- def doppler on our then click interactive radar to zoom into your neighborhood. happening today the man arrested for kicking a woman in the face during last year's gay pride in san francisco is back in court. the suspect was allegedly part of a group that robbed the victim. kpix 5's anne makovec with more on today's hearing. >> reporter: christopher porter- bailey is in the courtroom right now as we speak. he is also still in police custody on a $175,000 bond. our cameras were not allowed inside the san francisco courtroom today it. the prosecution has been busy laying out its case through witnesses to the attack. here's some surveillance video showing what happened last june outside the karaoke bar on market street. a woman being robbed by a group of people then kicked in the
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head. it all happened during san francisco's gay pride weekend festivities. among the witnesses today, people who rushed to help the woman. one man says he was punched during the scuffle. we heard talk about some of the state's witnesses being threatened by alleged cohorts of the defendant saying that they would pay if they testified. that information was kept from the jury. this trial is expected to last into next week. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you. >> in other headlines around the bay, san jose police are looking for a suspect in the city's fifth homicide of the year. officers say a man was stabbed in cesar chavez park near downtown around midnight. the victim died at a hospital. his identity hasn't been released. napa county's child protective services says it's trying to clear the air surrounding the kayleigh slusher case. the mother and the mother's boyfriend are charged with
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killing the 3-year-old girl. police were called to the home 14 times since 2012. napa child protective services says it is willing to release information it has on the case but a judge is denying the request until the autopsy is completed. happening at a san jose state university looks towards new policies now to stop hate crimes there. this comes after a black student was allegedly harassed by his white roommates on campus. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran reports the university's special task force is holding its first meeting tonight. >> reporter: today's special task force meeting will be the first of since on the alleged dorm room hate crime on san jose state's campus. >> i feel the university should always have my back. i'm paying tuition, and it's very expensive and i should feel safe on campus. it's unfortunate that that had to happen. >> reporter: the 18-member group will study a recent report on alleged hate crimes against a black student by his white roommates last year. the three students are accused
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of using a derogatory nickname hanging the confederate flag in the dorm room and at one point trying to put a bicycle lock around his neck. >> the issues we're going to look at is environmental on the campus and to see if there's anything that can be done to encourage individuals who are the subject of this kind of abuse or alleged abuse in this case that could enable them to come forward. >> reporter: the lengthy report found the university acted quickly once it knew the full extent of the crimes committed. it failed to adequately notify the university's president, who was kept in the dark about the issues for nearly a month. students on campus say they felt the same way. >> it wasn't addressed fast enough. it wasn't -- they didn't take action fast enough for us, for me to be comfortable. >> i think they took a little too late to address the issue because i know they had reports earlier before and just to have it set in is just a little ridiculous. >> reporter: but the report noted the victim was afraid to talk about what was going on.
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other students say they hoped the task force could find ways to build student confidence back up. >> in the long run i would have more confidence if they show us they care about the students and if they take situations like this more seriously than they did. >> reporter: retired judge ladoris cordell will head the task force made up of academics, students, community activists and alum. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. the olympic games are already under way in sochi. the opening ceremonies are tomorrow but security officials are on high alert for new potential terrorist threats. the u.s. is warning airlines that terrorists may smuggle explosives using toothpaste or skin care products. operatives could bring bomb- making components on board a plane headed to russia and then build an improvised explosive device while the plane is in flight. members of team usa say they are taking the threat very seriously. >> we as we always do work very closely with our state department. our state department is in
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close contact with the local authorities. and, you know, we react to situations as they arise but we also have a lot of planning exercises in advance and, you know, these games are no different than any other games in that respect. >> in december, suicide bombers killed 34 people in the russian city of vogelsong, 400 miles away from sochi. the attacks raised fears of violence at the olympics. but security forces have built a ring of steel to protect the olympics. subway the world larges sandwich chain says it is removing a chemical from its bread. the additive often used in food and fda-approved, the subway says it uses it as a dough conditioner but a food blogger said the chemicals is used in rubber items like mats and soles. >> this is an obvious response to the power of the food babe army. >> subway says it was already in the process of removing the additive.
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not clear yet when that process will be completed. the northeast is getting a break from a snow and ice storm. why it still doesn't mean relief for the area. >> and attention, skiers! there is fresh powder waiting for you this weekend. we have more pictures when we come back. ,,
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restored to everyone who lo terday's snow and developing now in the northeast it could be days before power is finally restored to everyone who lost power in yesterday's snow and ice storm. the storm left a coating of ice that took down trees and limbs across maryland, parts of pennsylvania, as well. in the last 4 hours, 300,000 customers in the last 24 hours had their lights come on but that leaves over 450,000 people without electricity in frigid temperatures. dust off the gear, snow is
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falling in the sierra. no doubt, skiers and borders and businesses up in the mountains are excited to see this latest round of snow. reporter sean bennett has the good news from the high sierra. >> reporter: if you're making your way up to the sierra today, boy, are you in for a treat! just take a look at the amount of powder that has fallen overnight. here at boreal they are reporting that they got 4" over the last 4 hours. take a look at the hillside there covered? snow. the in snow. if you are making your way up driving, you're going to find chain control on i-80 and 20. you will see fog and rain. so you will see all kinds of weather. boreal, benefitting from this, this weekend, as much as the skiers and snowboarders desperately wanting to shred the hills. >> our snowmaking system is top- notch. we started it up in october. and we have been really taking advantage of every cold naphtha we have to make snow up here. >> they are improving every
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day. every little bit helps. so when it's soft, it's nicer. it will be fun for those coming up this weekend. >> we're stoked. >> this is the first time to see real snow not manmade. >> the snow is expected to continue to fall today as well as tomorrow. boreal may see some showers up here over the weekend which unfortunately would melt all of this fresh snow that's fallen over the last several days. sean bennett, kpix 5. don't put the umbrellas away yet. we are not done with the rain. a nice shot of ocean beach from the cliff house. the rain as we know much- needed. however, between the new snow and the sierra, it's not enough
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to make up for the dry season. but more rain is on the way. it is good news. >> that is good news. it's going to be hard to make that up. we are 11" behind. so we have a ways to go. but we are going to put a dent in that the next few days. out the door good showers overnight. heavy rainfall in parts of the bay area. things beginning to wind down with a heavier amount of rain but a lot of low-level moisture behind so kind of drippy and wet outside right now. our hi-def doppler radar showing you a few scattered showers into the central valley. otherwise, a lot of drizzle around the bay area. but some partial clearing expected as we head in toward the afternoon hours. kind of soupy out there in your skies right now. a little moisture on the lens. the temperatures running generally in the 40s and the 50s. so a bit cool. i think as we head in toward the afternoon hours, may see a couple of peeks of sunshine and then it looks like a chance of rain again overnight tonight and probably some fog out there as well and then some heavy rainfall expected for the weekend. boy, we could see some impressive amounts toward the latter part of the weekend. we have one low moving by the right now that brought us
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rainfall, a brief break but not much. this next one is latching on to subtropical moisture. looking at snow, winter weather advisories, the snow level at 3,000 feet now. that's going to go up probably above 6,000 feet as a much warmer storm system is moving in. but they could see some very heavy snow across some of the higher peaks. all right. as we get into tomorrow, for the commute, maybe a few showers early on in parts of the north bay. and then a few showers may extend further to the south throughout the day. so not entirely dry. and then it looks like really going to see a deluge just nonstop rainfall as we get into saturday and into sunday and maybe even into monday. check out some of these forecast rainfall totals. we could see in the north bay as much as 3 to 7" of rain throughout the weekend. it's going to be a fine line though between very heavy rainfall and much less. you're looking at one to two inches along the peninsula and by the time you get to the south bay maybe half inch to an inch and a quarter. so how about this? temperatures 50s outside around the bay area for today.
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your sunset time 5:39. sunrise tomorrow 70 8. not a drought buster but we are going a long way to making things a lot better around the state. more showers are possible not only through the weekend but into next week too. we are going to head to roberta gonzales, out with the mobile weather lab at pebble beach enjoying a fine time and some wet weather with the golfers outside. hey, roberta. >> reporter: doesn't it appear as if usually it rains at the at&t national pro-am golf tournament than not? in fact, in years past going all the way back to 1937, there were some days that they actually had to postpone the final round from sunday into monday. one year they postponed it to august due to rain. we have had scattered light rain showers here in the monterey bay area today but yesterday, let me set the scene for you, nothing but blue skies and a very seasonal day in the 60s we caught up with some of
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the professional golfers at the 18th hole and saw some of the celebrities as well and they were raising money for local charities, like andy garcia and ray romano. well, now today, we have three different courses, the monterey peninsula, country club golf course, spyglass hill, and also pebble beach. about 160 different golfers will be taking to the courses today playing 18 holes. dress in layers if you are heading on out here. i have three different layers on. we will have occasional rain showers, even the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm with a high only at about 53 degrees. meanwhile, everybody is talking with one particular pairing out here today. that's john daly with kid rock. and my money is on them. but if you want to check out the pairings and the weather forecast, visit us online at reporting for mobile weather in a soggy pebble beach, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. from golf to more golf, it's not just a game. how it's helping boost high
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school graduation rates thanks to this week's jefferson award winner coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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school, until two teachers showed him the value of education in his future. this week's jefferson award winner dropped out of high school until two teachers showed him the value of education and his future. now he is a role model for his students. today robert hoover has a
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master's degree in education administration. kate kelly tells us how he is paying it forward in his community. reporter: he knows his way around a golf course. >> put your feet closer together. >> reporter: and how to teach the game. >> make sure your hands stay still and just arms swing. >> reporter: but if you think robert hoover's lessons are just about bogeys and birdies, then you're missing why he started the junior golf program in east palo alto 23 years ago. >> i decided i wanted to do -- to use golf as a vehicle to help kids with their personal development but most of all to really get them to understand the connection between education and their future. >> reporter: and it's why you'll find him here most every day after school at the municipal golf course reinforcing life lessons through a sport he loves. >> you have to be honest because you have to keep your own score. you have to be patient. you have to be persistent. golf is a game that requires a lot of the things that we would like our kids to have. >> reporter: robert has worked with youth in the area since the 1960s but got the idea to start a golf program when he took a few kids with him to hit balls after work. what started with 10 students has grown to 50. but what's remarkable is that
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in an area where half the teens drop out of high school, 90% of the students who go to bob's program graduate. lorena cuffy is one of robert's first students. family friends introduced them in 1993 after she had been expelled from 7th grade. >> he invested a lot of his energy into just being like a second father to me. and it really transformed my life. >> reporter: lorena is one of several program graduates who went on to play in college, something 14-year-old german orozco would like to do. >> he taught us a lot of important things we need to know. >> reporter: the money raised pays for kids' equipments, tournament fees, as well as field trips to colleges and the great outdoors. through it all, robert has never taken a salary. and at 80 years old, still gives his all to the kids. >> i want more. >> i gave my last token. just to watch kids grow and
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become good people. >> reporter: so for being a driving force for youth in his community, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to robert hoover. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> 80 years old, how about that! nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at we'll be right back. ,,,,
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coming up at 5:00, piecing together a 25-year-old cold case. how a patchwork quilt could solve a bay area woman's murder. that and more at 5. how about that commute home? >> i think a little wet but no major rain now but this weekend, guys, that could be some kind of storm. >> thank you. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. enjoy your thursday, everybody. we'll see you again bright and early tomorrow morning. captions by: caption colorado
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